About Dr. Sartor

How Will the Funds Raised by the Baton Rouge Blue Ribbon Soiree Be Used?

The majority of money raised from the Baton Rouge Blue Ribbon Soirèe will be donated to Dr. Oliver Sartor’s Prostate Cancer Research Fund at Tulane Cancer Center. Tulane Cancer Center is affiliated with Xavier University, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Ochsner Health System through the Lousiana Cancer Research Consortium.

Dr. Sartor and His Collaborative Approach to Prostate Cancer Research…

Dr. Sartor is a world-renowned prostate cancer expert and the only medical oncologist specializing in prostate cancer in the state of Louisiana.  He has focused his career on basic and clinical prostate cancer research, as well as cutting-edge clinical treatment of advanced disease.

Collaborations with LSU…

The Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium (LCRC) is a cancer research partnership created by the Louisiana State Legislature in 2002.  It provides a structure under which the best and brightest minds at the State’s leading research institutions come together and collaborate to better understand cancer.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Tulane University School of Medicine were the original two partners.  In 2007, Xavier University of Louisiana was added as a partner, and Ochsner Health System joined in 2009.

Through the LCRC, Dr. Sartor is actively collaborating with fellow scientists at LSU, and more collaborations are anticipated given the expertise of several scientists at the medical school.  These increased opportunities for collaboration and synergy are what the LCRC is all about and ultimately aids in speeding the progress of research.

Dr. Sartor’s Research Focus…

Dr. Sartor focuses much of his time on the development and implementation of clinical trials for prostate cancer.   Out of four new drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of advanced disease in the last two years, Dr. Sartor played a lead role in the development of two, and he anticipates another FDA approval resulting from his work later this year.   These are the first new treatment options offering hope for men facing advanced disease since 2004, and they would not have been possible without large, multi-institutional, international clinical research trials, like those with which Dr. Sartor is involved.

Additionally, Dr. Sartor and his team of collaborators, both at Tulane and LSU, are spearheading a long-term research project that aims to better understand the genetics of prostate cancer that runs in families.   The project involves the collection of clinical data and complex genetic testing of tissue samples from families that experience a large number of prostate cancer cases in an effort to determine what type of genetic defect may contribute to their increased cancer risk.   Important insights into prostate cancer in one family are typically informative for a variety of other patients as well.

Proceeds from the Baton Rouge Blue Ribbon Soirèe will be used to support these and other prostate cancer research initiatives being pursued by Dr. Sartor and his collaborative prostate cancer team.

Thank You…

On behalf of his team of collaborators at LSU and Tulane, Dr. Oliver Sartor humbly thanks the organizers and supporters of the Baton Rouge Blue Ribbon Soirèe.  This team is deeply grateful for your support and we pledge to wisely utilize the funds you raise to continue our research.   Thank you for helping to support our momentum and for partnering with us in this process.